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What’s Happening?

Lots of Opportunities


Building Strong Men's Fellowship

As fathers, husbands, and leaders in their homes and the community, simply being a man can be challenging at times.  The men at lifeline are dedicated to helping build one another up while enjoying leisure time to just be "one of the guys". Join our men's group and share fun and laughter while implementing bible principles doing "guy stuff"

Women of Restoration

We all need encouragement, and as a family at Lifeline we all support one another. The married women of Lifeline gather monthly to strengthen the sister circle.  Come be a part and be uplifted


Marriage Sessions

Marriage is one of the most prized institutions in the Bible.  God loves marriage and he wants yours to succeed. Come join us for our strengthening marriage sessions and learn how to put the flame back into your relationship, God's way!

What's Happening: What's Happening
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