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Straight Talk Buy Back Program

I priced my iPhone 5 through the trade in/ upgrade program on apple & they said it was worth $200 so that would be $200 I could be saving to get a new iPhone 6s. Can I trade in my iPhone 5 since it's on straight talk and then pay the rest of the the 400 and some left for a new iPhone 6s? Im very confused on how the program works and if it straight talk can be trading in.

straight talk buy back program


Carriers also have trade up programs, but those would be handled directly by the carrier. It may be that you are referring to a program that Straight Talk has. If so, you would need to talk to them to find out what the terms and conditions are.

Absolutely! Visit and choose to send an email, download a flyer, or distribute via social media. All of these pieces of communication will have your referral code on it for your friends or family to use.

Go ahead and send us the referral. Explain to the parents that Straight Talk is a supportive and nonpunitive class. All families benefit from the safety education provided. You can suggest that they read testimonials from other parents (visit Once you send us the referral, we will reach out and provide key information and safety tips to the caregivers.

Last, you can still track it and get its location if you lose your Straight Talk phone. There is an excellent application for this purpose called AirDroid Parental Control. It has a dedicated tracker that constantly updates the location of your straight talk phone so that you never have to worry about it being mishandled.

You can try calling straight talk and telling them that the service from them in your area is too weak and that you need to know what if anything you can do to transfer the phone to the WAL-MART Plan's cell provider. You MIGHT get lucky (sometimes pleading technology illiterate and being really nice can get you slightly further) but from past experience I'd say I'm sorry but unless you want to buy another phone that's on that network you are probably stuck with Straight Talk. GOOD LUCK!!

I called them at 9:30 am to change my service from Tracfone to their $35/mo unlimited talk/text 10 GB data and 5 GB hotspot data. Tracfone does not support hotspot data service. The first person kept me on the phone for 1 hour collecting all my info, particularly payment. When done he told me to wait half hour and check my phone for service and to call back if it was not activated. It didn't work after waiting 45 minutes and I called back. Impossible to get through to the right dept and when I did they wanted to set me up with an account. I told them I did that already, they had no idea.

Do not work with this company. It's a scam. I went through their website to purchase a phone and new service where they offered me a phone lease through something called SmartPay. Their website claimed my transaction didn't go through even though my credit card was charged. After multiple phone calls I ended up talking to someone at SmartPay who confirmed my transaction went through and provided me with an order number. After multiple days waiting, Straight Talk Wireless still claims they don't know anything about my order and keeps referring me back to SmartPay who have already confirmed my order. So I'm out money with no phone or service and thus far no solution offered. 041b061a72


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