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Anurager Chhowa Bengali Film 29

Anurager Chhowa: A Bengali Film and TV Series

Anurager Chhowa (Bengali: অনুরগর ছঁয়, English: The Touch of Love) is a popular name in Bengali entertainment industry. It is the title of both a 1986 film and a 2022 TV series, both of which are based on the theme of love and prejudice. In this article, we will explore the plot, cast, and reception of both the film and the TV series.

anurager chhowa bengali film 29

Anurager Chhowa (1986 film)

Anurager Chhowa is a Bengali romantic drama film directed by Jahar Biswas and starring Tapas Paul, Mahua Roychowdhury, Anup Kumar, Subhendu Chatterjee, and Madhabi Mukherjee. The film was released on 29 August 1986 and was a box office hit.

The film revolves around the love story of Anurag (Tapas Paul) and Rupa (Mahua Roychowdhury), who belong to different social classes. Anurag is a rich and handsome businessman, while Rupa is a poor and dark-skinned orphan girl who works as a maid in his house. Anurag falls in love with Rupa's innocence and kindness, but faces opposition from his family and society, who consider Rupa as unworthy of him. The film depicts the struggles and sacrifices of Anurag and Rupa to overcome the barriers of class and color and unite in marriage.

The film was praised for its melodious music composed by Ajoy Das, its realistic portrayal of social issues, and its powerful performances by the lead actors. The film won several awards, including the BFJA Award for Best Actor (Tapas Paul), Best Actress (Mahua Roychowdhury), Best Supporting Actor (Anup Kumar), Best Supporting Actress (Madhabi Mukherjee), Best Music Director (Ajoy Das), and Best Lyricist (Pulak Bandyopadhyay).

Anurager Chhowa (2022 TV series)

Anurager Chhowa is a Bengali drama television series produced by Shree Venkatesh Films and aired on Star Jalsha. The series premiered on 7 February 2022 and has completed 435 episodes as of 29 August 2023. The series is an official remake of the Malayalam show Karuthamuthu, which was also remade in Tamil as Neelakuyil and in Telugu as Karthika Deepam.

The series follows the love story of Surjyo (Dibyojyoti Dutta) and Deepa (Swastika Ghosh), who face discrimination due to Deepa's dark complexion. Surjyo is a handsome and successful doctor, while Deepa is a simple and educated girl who works as a teacher. Surjyo marries Deepa under pressure from his family, but does not accept her as his wife. He is in love with his childhood friend Koyel (Sohini Sanyal), who is fair-skinned and beautiful. Deepa tries to win Surjyo's heart with her goodness and intelligence, but faces hurdles from Koyel, Surjyo's family, and society. The series shows how Surjyo gradually realizes Deepa's true beauty and falls in love with her.

The series has received positive reviews from the viewers for its engaging storyline, its social message against colorism, and its chemistry between the lead actors. The series has also won several awards, including the Tele Academy Award for Best Serial, Best Actor (Dibyojyoti Dutta), Best Actress (Swastika Ghosh), Best Supporting Actor (Rajat Ganguly), Best Supporting Actress (Rita Dutta Chakraborty), Best Director (Sudip Sarkar), and Best Writer (Leena Gangopadhyay).


Anurager Chhowa is a name that resonates with the Bengali audience for its depiction of love overcoming prejudice. Both the film and the TV series have been successful in entertaining and inspiring the viewers with their stories of Anurag-Rupa and Surjyo-Deepa. Anurager Chhowa is indeed a touch of love that has touched the hearts of millions.


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